The day byte alignment came back to bite me

Alternatively; "reflect, mmap, unsafe and other unsavoury Go hacks". I have a side project where I wanted to do something that should have been relatively simple: Store a slice of structs in a file on disk Memory-map the file and iterate over the structs I know are in there Now,... [Keep reading]


The Gopher Gala was arranged for the first time ever this weekend. I couldn't resist participating, as this was a great chance to get started on Watchtower, a messaging / device orchestration service I've been discussing with a colleague of mine for a while already. Several of my colleagues are big... [Keep reading]

Go Flowdock, Go!

At Walkbase, on any given day, our team is usually spread over at least four different offices in three different countries. We also have a remote-friendly approach to work, which places the weight on results rather than "ass in chair"-time for the team. To keep everyone on the same... [Keep reading]

Introducing httpstream

"Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away" - Antoine de Saint Exupéry I'm a big fan of libraries that do one thing and do them well. Meet httpstream. Inspired by and forked from another library of the... [Keep reading]

WHERE IN lib/pq

If you, like me, are busy replacing older and slower services with new Go incarnations and you're wondering how the hell to get your WHERE a in (x,y,z) statements working as easily as before, read on. Consider this Python code (featuring the excellent psycopg2 library): import psycopg2 dataBaseConnection... [Keep reading]